Nils Sommer

Hi. Welcome to my website! This will be my online presence where I'd like to share thoughts about software development and try out web technologies I'm interested in.

I'm 21, live in Germany and I just finished my bachelor's degree in computer science. Next, I'm going to attend classes for a master's degree at KIT. I always hear that every (web) developer should have a blog, so here it is. :-)

What's it built on?

This website is built on a custom content management system I created specifically for this website. I could have used a 3rd party CMS like Wordpress or something like jekyll, but writing it by myself is a lot cooler, isn't it?

I plan to write a blog post about the web application of this website in more detail in the future, maybe by open sourcing it (I need to clean up a lot of things before that though). So for the moment all I want to tell about it is that it's written in Ruby, it uses Ruby on Rails and it was a lot of fun to implement it.

Of course, it's not finished yet. Besides some features that I'd like to implement, I really have to improve the design on mobile devices ...

Happy blogging!

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