Nils Sommer

Text editors like TextMate and Atom provide command line helpers to open application windows in a specific context from the terminal. With a simple shell alias, this can be achieved for Safari, too.

I like to run development tools like git and build tools from the terminal. When I want to open the project I'm currently in in my favorite editor, I use TextMate's command line helper.

mate .

mate is the name of the command, . is the working directory. This works with Atom as well.

To open an HTML file or URI in Safari, you can use Apple's open command. The following command opens a file called index.html from the working directory in Safari.

open -a safari index.html

To simplify its usage, I created an alias and put it into my ~/.bash_profile.

alias safari='open -a safari'

Type source ~/.bash_profile after modifying ~/.bash_profile to publish the modification to your current shell session (not required in future shell sessions). Now you can simply type safari index.hml.

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